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Management Development Programme (MDP)


This module is a complete roadmap to the development of managers. It is suitable, for all types of managers from operations, technical, human resources, finance etc.

Participation in this course guarantees that leadership qualities are developed within the indIvidual upon their active follow through.

Selling with confidence


This course is designed for those target oriented people that want to make a career In sales. There are certain secrets to selling and they always work irregardless of the product.

Participants will learn:
The secrets to successful selling
Ways of closing a sell
Presentation skills
Sell to different categories of people and much more

Entrepreneurship: starting and running your own business


Based on the Purpose Clinic publication "Breaking The Uncle laban Effect"

The objectives are:
To in calculate a spirIt of entrepreneurship amongst the readers
To help facilitate access to markets, finance and technical skills
To provoke the Identification and development of uniQue products amongst the
To assist readers with the creation of multiple revenue streams (MRSs)