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One came to me and said that life was unfair to them, never predictable and favoured a few. To that my response was that it could never be as everyone is given the power to create their own opportunities. The starting point is the place of decision. A moment when one tells herself or himself that he or she will start changing the direction of life! It is a place of metamorphosis where one transforms to the form that is truly them.


Opportunity is always there to be created. When you analyze the outcomes of those who have done better than others, most of the time their backgrounds did not prepare them for what they turned out to be. Some were born under unfortunate circumstances but for the inner drive that made them dig deep inside and take out valuables for this world to marvel at. They created opportunity where there was disadvantage. Through the tears, they believed they could do it until the day came when what they sweated for in private showed in public. Sadly many remain in the rat race, waiting for someone else to channel their lives. A knight in shining armour that will come and change their circumstances over night! This is stuff of the fairy tales and is rarely happening these days if at all.

Self improvement

Li Na is a Chinese tennis player who recently won the French Open becoming the first Chinese ever to win it. She is currently ranked world number 4. Just over ten years ago, she was on number 363. What happened in a period of ten years? Li Na obviously engaged on self improvement. Malcolm Gladwell in his book, The Outliers puts across the 10,000 hour rule. He says one perfects a skill after putting ten thousand hours of practice in it, which works out to about 10 years. I am positive we will be hearing more of Li Na in the next few years if she continues playing professional tennis.

What is it that turns amateurs into professionals? What is the key to becoming the best at what you do? Self improvement! The continuous desire to beat your personal best! This is what turns ordinary people into trail blazers. You surely can make a decision today to start on a new journey of self improvement. Practice will perfect what you have. Will we hear a different story about you in ten years time? We could never overemphasize the adage that says you are the master of your destiny.

What’s inside you?

It is what you are, what you have inside of you that counts. Success is an inside job! Dig deep to extract the value that is lying in the depth of your inner man. There are goldfields lying inside every life. Nature never made a failure. We all have been given the capacity to dominate life somewhere. The exceptional people in life are those who develop what’s inside of them. The Steve Jobs of Apple, the Bill Gates of Microsoft, the Strive Masiyiwa’s of Econet to mention but a few are not a rare breed. They are men who took time to plummet the depths of their inner man to bring out the great wonders of the human spirit. To show the world what creativity and value God has invested in the human spirit.

A man was dying, leaving behind a wife and four sons. These four sons believed that their father had hidden some gold somewhere. On his death bed, their expectation was he would reveal to them where this gold was. Under his breath, he kept saying, “The undeveloped ten acres of land behind the house…” After burying their father, they took their tools and went to dig every piece of the ten acres. Nothing was found. The eldest of them then said, “Seeing we have found nothing and the rains are almost here, let’s put in corn as this ground is ready for planting.” A few months later, they found their gold in the harvest they experienced. The gold in you must be dug out, the land must be prepared. Train yourself; there is no exchange for self discipline. Rule and govern yourself. That inner man is a furrow ground waiting to be broken by you. No one is going to do it for you.

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